Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm not even sure I died. It woke me up when the bus hit me. Hey, I was dreaming hard. It was a really nice fractal. I saved it. I stood up, turned. I took one step, Pow. I felt like,"Man, you shoulda made a note of what the last fractal you made before you fell asleep." But then I remembered, I couldn't do that because I'de lost track of all the fractals I made in the two and a half hour session just before I fell into that fitfull dream. Turns-out Manpwin saves everything (images, .png and parameter files) in  itself, (on C drive in programs). I might've never known where, but I was trying later on to generate some decent coffe-mug-fractals for the new Manpwin section at the Flatware County General Store, and followed one home. A fractal that is. I can't help but wonder how many images and parameter files I lost when my new Manpwin obliterated my old one (my bad.) The new one's still got it though, the one below shows what looks like really nice kimono fabric behind one of those "Episilon Cross" gratings listed under fractal options.

 Yeah the  thing is, I've got a very Tierazon heavy fractal portfolio. Its true that I've spent more than eight hours chasing the perfect, make that ideal, fractal in Tierazon this weekend. I have taken to rockin the Advil for my tennis (fractal) elbow. Success leads to excess. "Aw, poor little fractal monkey!" Hey it's not my fault. The dang lever keeps giving me good fractals.

Once I quit bugging on the many long drop-down menus of equations and tried some stuff, I realized that sometimes Tierazon got cranky and rendered a whole window of squiggly lines or a solid color. I went to the vertical toolbar and tried draw, and sometimes it still yielded an excellent "muggable fractal. Good thing too cause far as I can tell Tierazon has no undo. The fact that you can change the size of the window so it zooms in mug sized jumps (1648 x 648 pixels) helps a lot since I shy away from post production futzing wit da fractal. I prefer to add only an outer glow (about 5 pixels) from the Photo Shop layer effects, makes em float. Anotrher nice thing I noticed was Tierazon saved a .par file every time I saved and renamed a muggable zoomage, Cool  now I can find my way back for another crack at the neighborhood (ya know self similarity and all that.)

 UnloidBunny is a revisit to unloid, which it doesn't seem to have much in common with. InkyOliveBunny (below) on the other hand definitely bears a strong family resemblance.

All of the fractals above have become available as coffee mugs @ The Flatware County General Store fractal section.

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