Friday, September 16, 2011


See, I've just finished the headline and already I've learned how spell  two seldom (till now) used words. Hopefully this begins my fractal blog with an accurate if sparse description of the simplest attractor, in it's single iteration it has mapped it's maximum and minimum extent. I don't know if this qualifies as a fractal, since there isn't any oscillation to be perturbed.  Whatever, the math majors were just going to chuckle up their sleeves anyway, but maybe they'll be generous enough to provide some usable insights about my predictably recursive factual fractal fumbles. Truth be told I just wanted to show off my pretty fractal coffee mugs, But trying to gear up to write the intro to the fractal section of the Flatware County General Store was giving me severe glossary challenges.

  Unlike the simple and apparently symbolic VanillaBean02 above, the descriptions and explanations I was wading through looking for a readable coherent description of fractals weren't yielding much joy. Still the fractals have fascinated me for hours at a time, so much so I often have only to close my eyes to see them. Often lately I have to wait quite some time for the brilliant colored images to fade somewhat before I can get to sleep. As yet I have not remembered any fractal dreams, but with more and more time in process I doubt I'll have to wait long.

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